The FIGHTER is our best value for money wetsuit.
    Made of limestone neoprene G4 and G3-flex, with glued & blinded stiches and Sooruz Storm-dry inside lining, the FIGHTER is a quality, flexible and warm wetsuit for every watersport.

    – Storm-Dry inside lining SOÖRUZ on the chest and back will preserve the natural warmth of your body. Moreover, this material is made of recycled polyester and dries very quickly.
    – The seams are  glued & blinded stiches and reinforced by patches at the seam junctions.
    – The Black Diamond implanted on the back is the Soöruz wind-stopper, water-repellent material that combines more lightness, flexibility and resistance than fine mesh.
    – Chest-zip opening with a YKK zip


    We bring particular attention to our products, here are the finishes of our FIGHTER :
    – Reinforcement of the ends with strips of glue to preserve the watertightness in time.
    – Specific unique pattern on the shoulders
    – 3 year warranty on seams and 1 year warranty on material for all our wetsuits.