• FRANKENFISH 5’8″ Spooked Kooks Softboard




    The Frankenfish features a retro fish outline with plenty of width and volume at the chest for glide and a tidy swallow tail to keep it loose. Ride it as a quad for added control and drive, or remove two fins to get that classic twin-fin feel.

    Recommended rider: fun for all skill levels but ideal for intermediate-level to advanced surfers. The quad-fin set up on this board provides plenty of drive and glide. It also features some of the most “knifey” rails in the game so don’t be afraid to put this board on rail.

    Ideal wave size: 2-4 foot waves with some down-the-line form

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Spooked Kooks started with a mission to make the best performing and most durable softboards containing as much recycled plastic waste as possible.

100% of all High-density Polyethylene used in Spooked Kook boards is recycled post-consumer plastic waste.


This includes the entire “slick” (underside of the boards), leash plug, fin boxes, fins and fin key.


Their core mission flows through the overall approach, from looking at ways they can integrate other recycled materials and sustainable non-plastic materials into their boards, to ways they can improve their manufacturing process, packaging and products to minimise the amount of new plastic used and waste created.

Spooked Kooks are available wholesale – Mainland Europe

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