• A member of the 1% For the Planet Foundation, whereby 1% of profits are donated to environmental charities.

  • Employs a no plastic policy, by using only recycled packaging materials.

  • A supporter to the Surfrider Foundation, which is a non for profit sea roots organisation dedicated to the protection of  waves and beaches  across the globe through Conservation, Activation, Research and Education.

  • Actively engaged with a number of non for profits and support groups.

Why Organic Wax?


Traditional surfboard wax is made of petrol-chemicals that pollute the air and ocean during extraction and processing. These petro-chemicals are non-biodegradable and toxic if ingested, damaging marine life.


Surf Organic use absolutely no artificial scents (100% organic coconut essential oils) and because of their soy base, their wax is naturally softer and stickier, removing the need for additional softeners and adhesives.

Surf Organic have found the perfect balance between eco-friendly ingredients and performance surfing. They have learnt that surfers simply won’t compromise on performance and have designed their product around this.


Finally, Surf Organic package all of their wax in 100% recycled boxes and are members of 1% For the Planet.

Recycled Tail Pad

Surf Organic Tail Pads are made from recycled EVA foam and packaged with 100% recycled cardboard. The manufacturing process involves the recycling and reprocessing of EVA offcuts which would normally end up in landfill, instead this material is used to make Surf Organic tail pads.

  • Recycled EVA
  • Zero plastic, recycled cardboard packaging
  • Performance based design: Diamond groove pattern, ArchBarSteepKicker

Surf Organic is available for wholesale in Portugal & U.K.

exclusively with Mothersurf

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